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Pit Bull Puppies For Sale…Champion Bloodlines  zues pit bull on gaol2

Our pit bull puppies for sale are a culmination of 30 years of Pit bull puppy breeding and 41 years of dog training experience.   With respect to  the extensive  Pit Bull breeding experience and extensive dog training experience we breed dogs that reflect and are  worthy of both.

Our mission is to produce the very finest, most affectionate companion, family and protection dogs. This is a lofty goal without a question When considering the responsibility each dog has in the home i.e.; (family, friends, and children), producing the very finest should never be an option.

We started with the finest bloodlines and we select the best dogs for breeding. The dogs that we produced possess courage beyond compare. They are highly trainable, affectionate, and always eager to please their master. Their athletic abilities defy most humans’ imagination and their extreme intelligence allows them to think and understand.

Our pit bull puppies pedigree contain all the top champion dogs such as Chinaman, Jeep, Frisco, Davis’ Boomerang, Snooty, Indian Bolio, Bullyson, Eli Jr., Dido, and that’s just to name some. Our pit bull puppies pedigree can be traced all the back to the very beginning when breeding documentation first started. There is no backyard breeding going on here.

These are quality bred dogs, bred to the highest standard and 30 years of know how that has produced such an incredible creature.

Our pit bull puppies are for sale and you can be the beneficiary of 30 years of a relentless pursuit to breed the finest pit bull puppies for sale.  CALL FOR MORE INFORMATION  (406) 777-1315  WE  CAN SHIP TO YOU.

The Current Litter we have for sale



This litter of pups is Sired by Isenguard who is out of Grizz(Lefty) and Pride.

Isenguard has an absolutely top notch in personality, temperament, intelligence and athletic ability. His pedigree contains all the great dogs like Frisco, Chinaman,  which are all upfront and tight. His pedigree also features Snooty, Dibo, Jimmy Boots, Mulldune, Boomerang, Indian Bolio, and many others well known and great dogs.



Onyx ,another top notch dog with an impressive pedigree Onyx has a fantastic temperament is great with kids and her intelligence is off the charts. Her pedigree Feature the most impressive dogs up front and tight names like Frisco, Chinaman, other great dogs in her pedigree are Snooty, Dibo, Jimmy Boots, Mulldune, Boomerang, Indian Bolio, just to name some



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